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Women Empowerment

Women play a significant vital role in development of the family, the community and the society. Women in rural India have been carrying on their shoulders the burden of poverty, ignorance, superstitions and discriminatory customs and traditions. Despite their extremely disadvantaged situation they keep contributing enormously to the welfare of their families and of the State, representing one-third of the labour force in Andhra Pradesh. It is a known fact that the contribution of women in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and other rural based occupations is higher than that of men, but such contribution is rarely recognised due to social prejudices, illiteracy and lack of organisation and unity within women.

For this reason CRASA has made many efforts during the years to organise 500 women Self-Help Groups and consolidate them into village organisation, keeping the grass-root level intact. Accordingly, CRASA has been ensuring the continuity of Self-Help Groups at community level with monthly savings and internal lending for fulfilling their domestic needs even after these members as a group, These groups are linked to the banks and government line department to meet the credit needs and livelihoods generaion activities and micro enterprises to sustain their families

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