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CRASA works with the poor, socio economic backward marginalized and vulnerable communities like dalits, fishing and tribal communities. The livelihood systems of these communities are affected by some crucial factors poverty and disasters, which make their life vulnerable and miserable.

Children Care and education: Children Care, education and protect rights is the main focus of CRASA. The illiteracy of parents, poverty and poor school infrastructure and sanitary facilities is keeping the children away from school, which push the children in to the clutches child labour. CRASA actively involve in sensitization of parents and duty bearers on child rights, Rehabilitating working children, Increasing the enrolment and retention rates of school age children, promotes disaster preparedness and school safety nets. CRASA enrolled 1058 school age children and mainstreamed 491 out of school children in to regular schools. And also supported 64 poor children are provided with school fee, school bags, uniforms, note books, stationery, etc in order to help them meet the required additional costs in attending schools regularly.

Women Empowerment: Women play a significant vital role in development of the family, the community and the society. Women in rural India have been carrying on their shoulders the burden of poverty, ignorance, superstitions and discriminatory customs and traditions. Despite their extremely disadvantaged situation they keep contributing enormously to the welfare of their families and of the State, representing one-third of the labour force in Andhra Pradesh. It is a known fact that the contribution of women in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and other rural based occupations is higher than that of men, but such contribution is rarely recognised due to social prejudices, illiteracy and lack of organisation and unity within women. For this reason CRASA has made many efforts during the years to organise 500 women Self-Help Groups and consolidate them into village organisation, keeping the grass-root level intact. Accordingly, CRASA has been ensuring the continuity of Self-Help Groups at community level with monthly savings and internal lending for fulfilling their domestic needs even after these members as a group, These groups are linked to the banks and government line department to meet the credit needs and livelihoods generaion activities and micro enterprises to sustain their families

WOMEN LITERACY CRASA has initiated the program education for livelihoods for the illiterate women in 30 villages and totally 1050 women are literate . the women are graduated with contained ‘Literacy’, ‘Numeracy’ and ‘Project’ components and give more orientation on health and hygiene, governance, participatory techniques, etc

Livelihoods: the tsunami wave has destroyed the lives of fishing communities in the coastal districts of AndhraPradesh. CRASA has immediately taken up relief activities after which started a rehabilitation process of restoring the livelihoods of the people affected. The focus of work is now to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for single women / women headed families and other vulnerable women groups. Totally 218 families are supported with miclh cattle and link with banks and government line departments.

Flood relief:Over 13 lakh people were affected in five districts of Andhra Pradesh following unprecedented floods in Krishna river basin which has claimed 37 lives, 6,295 livestock ,as many as 478 villages in 87 'mandals' have been severely hit with the heaviest flood in river Krishna in last more than 100 years. the heaviest flood in river Krishna in last more than 100 years. In Krishna district 2.84 lacs of people in 131 villages are badly affected by floods. CRASA has distributed 1000 relief kits contains blankets, utensils, mats, soaps, sanitary napkins, water container, and water purifier tablets worth of Rs.7.5 lacs to 1000 families in 4 villages of South Chiruvolulanka, Vasumatla, Regulanka, K. Kothapalem, Boburlanka in Avanigadda and Mopidevi Mandals. And also supported the flood affected 7 schools and 250 children with education materials 250 school uniforms, 250 school bags, 983 note books, 392 plates, 392 glasses,120 slates and 50 mats. the old, sick and disabled people are supported with 725 blankets.

Micro enterprise development: CRASA has been imparting training courses on technical skills to the 185 women and 235 educated unemployed youth on management of Micro Enterprises of leaf plate, paper plate making, dress making, tailoring, fashion technology, computers, embroidery and pickle making units and develop linkage with the financial institutions Banks, IKP and NABARD etc for establishment and development of Micro Enterprises and Income Generation Programs. Linkages are established with financial institutions, banks and line departments and banks and established units.

Donation program: CRASA has supported to 64 poor scheduled caste/schedule tribe children with educational materials books, uniforms, fees. Educated 26 fisherwomen in functional literacy and tailoring, 30 single women are supported with income generation trainings and raw materials to establish petty business. 3 month dress making training given to 25 poor adolescent girls of fishing community to make them self reliance. 12 adolescent girls are trained in computer skills and got placements. These all programs are carried with help of donation program of Give India.

HIV/AIDS, Water & Sanitation and Health: CRASA continues its work on brining awareness and camps on community health, water and sanitation and HIV/AIDS in the rural and urban areas with assistance of government Allopathic, Homeo hospitals and IMA doctors. Drinking water and sanitation projects are implemented with support of pahchaythraj department philanthropic agencies. In coming years CRASA focus on children living with HIV/AIDS, children affected by HIV/AIDS, child trafficking, street children etc.

ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMMES: CRASA brings awareness and sensitization campaigns on environment protection, regeneration and restoration. We imparts trainings and kalajatha programs to the selfhelp groups, cnos and pris on global warming, climate change, and role of cbos/csos in environment promotion, Restoration and regeneration of mangrove forests. We have planted 10000 plants in 20 coastal villages.

Micro insurance: CRASA has been covering the risks of rural poor families by micro insurance coverage, we imparts awareness / sensitization campaigns to who doesn’t have any social security, 1250 poor families from 40 villages are covered under these scheme, it covers accident, health risks and house hold goods. At the time of hospitalization and accidents it helps the insured, even In emergencies like Ogni cyclone these families got insurance for their house hold things also.